Hong Kong Series

    Dim Sum Socks

    In Hong Kong, we would often go to yum cha (a.k.a drink tea) with our parents to catch up and spend family time together. We present to you our dim...

    Egg Tart Socks

    What is that wonderful smell? It must be from the freshly baked egg tart just out of the oven! Our obsession over this tasty local snack motivates us to capture its...

    Bubble Waffle Socks

    What is "Bubble" x "Waffle" ? Yup, you named it, Bubble Waffle! The way it is being made is by pouring some golden egg batter to the waffle mold and...

    Milk Tea Socks

    One of the go-to drink when travelling in Hong Kong. The authentic milk tea is usually made with "pantyhose" through multiple rounds of pouring. The milk tea will then have a final touch of...

    Ding Ding Socks

    "Ding Ding" - The tram is approaching to its station! In Hong Kong, the tram, a.k.a. "Ding Ding" has been serving Hong Kong people since the early 1900's. It has created an important...

    Rooster Socks

    Inspired by the infamous Rooster bowls, we designed the rooster socks to pay tribute to this culturally rich designs. Back in the days, the rooster bowls are were known for their above-average quality and act...

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