Bubble Waffle Socks
Bubble Waffle Socks
Bubble Waffle Socks
Bubble Waffle Socks

Bubble Waffle Socks

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What is "Bubble" x "Waffle" ? Yup, you named it, Bubble Waffle! The way it is being made is by pouring some golden egg batter to the waffle mold and then bake it. What comes out of that is the "egg waffles" or "egg puffs" (a.k.a. "gai daan jai"). Vendors lay it down on a cooling rack to make sure the waffles become crispy before you eat them. Trust me, it is worth waiting.

Beside the bubble waffles, we introduce you to a snack which often went unnoticed - "Red Bean Pudding" (a.k.a "Put Chai Ko"). This pudding is perfect if you pair them with a cup of iced red bean drink with coconut milk... 

      Washing Tips:
    • Wash with neutral detergent in water (~30 ⁰C / 86 ⁰F or less) and do not use bleach.
    • Flip over the socks when washing, you can keep the softness and have less fluff for a longer time.
    • When ironing, the nylon / spandex may deform and the color of the socks may change, so please dry naturally.
    • Socks made of special yarns such as thick winter socks, wool socks, and pearl socks are highly recommended for hand washing.

    • Content:
    • 78% Cotton, 19% Polyester, and 3% Nylon / Spandex
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