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    Corgi Socks

    Corgi is a super cute and photogenic dog which you can see them all over the internet. They are famous because they have the most fluffy butt (yes - if...

    Shiba Socks

    Shiba has recently became a sensation in the world and there is a crypto currency named after Shiba. So, it is about time we also make some socks for Shiba too. Perhaps...

    Pomeranian Socks

    Pomeranian is a fluffy and tiny dog in brown or white. It barks a lot and run around your house like they are in charge of the entire home. We...

    Wiener-dog Socks

    Wiener-dog, a.k.a. sausage dog, has an original name in German called "Dachshund" . They are called wiener dog because their long body resemble a hotdog. You should get this socks...

    Pug Socks

    Pug is one of the most liked dogs in Hong Kong ! They have a nick name called "tiger dog" because they "look" like tiger. Do you agree ?

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