Read about the 2020 PlayfulJon Socks Design Competitions !
#fashion #legendchats: Brian Ching, founder of Playful Socks, Hong Kong By: Rachel Read February 3, 2021 Photo: Playful Socks H...
After accounting for all votes from our instagram @theplayfulsocks, we are glad to share with everyone the final winners from our PlayfulJon ...

We here at Playful Socks are proud to announce an exciting collaboration with singer-songwriter Jonathan Wong (@jwomusic) - #PlayfulJon 🙌🏼

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仲諗緊送咩俾爸爸?睇下四點Playful Socks 最大賣點! Playful Socks打破沉悶衣著的印象香港的上班一族, 很多時候會因場合或工作要求,被公司限制衣著花款。這樣的規定令衣著不能太突出而變得乏味 ° Playful Socks為了能夠讓上班族衣著上帶點個人特色, 特別設計出一...
See some of our life style pictures from our photoshoot day for both HK Foodies and Summer Series.

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