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    Pirulito Socks

    Kanioko series - Pirulito Socks "the 'Pirulito' ones goes almost the same path as the 'Doce' ones (almost like they are sisters!) with very colourful and bright palette. Super kawaii...

    Macarrão Socks

    Kanioko series - Macarrão Socks "For the 'Macarrão' designs, I wanted to create an art that could represent street food culture majority, that is predominant in various asian countries. So,...

    Doce Socks

    Kanioko series - Doce Socks "For the 'Doce' socks design, I was really looking forward to do a homage to the Japanese kawaii culture, making everything cute and bright, and...

    Donuts Socks

    Kanioko x Playful series - Donuts Socks "The idea behind the donuts socks design was basically to try to create a fun & cute environment to the pattern with one...

    I Heart Hong Kong Socks

    G.O.D. Series - I Heart Hong Kong I love Hong Kong --- few words that capture how much influence Hong Kong culture had to our designs and brand. I love Hong...

    Double Coin Socks

    G.O.D. Series - Double Coin

    Dancing Lion Socks

    Introducing the mesmerizing Hong Kong Dancing Lion socks! Get ready to unleash the spirit of celebration and good fortune with these vibrant and dynamic socks. Inspired by the captivating traditional...

    Gold Fish Socks

    Dive into a world of vibrant colors and graceful elegance with these captivating socks inspired by the iconic goldfish of Hong Kong. With their intricate designs and shimmering hues, these...

    HK Skyline Day & Night Socks

    Experience the vibrant energy and captivating beauty of Hong Kong's iconic cityscape. Featuring a unique design that showcases the city skyline at both day and night, these socks are a...

    Hong Kong Fake Socks (Pack of 3)

    Proudly present our latest series of fake socks. In this socks pack, we have combined all of our customer's favourite print and patterned socks: Panda Popsicle  Ice Lemon Tea Ding...

    Kung Fu Socks

    Slip Kung Fu Socks on and channel your inner martial artist as you kick and chop your way through the day. With these socks on your feet, you'll feel like...

    Lion Rock Socks

    Lion Rock is one of the most iconic landscapes in Hong Kong. It witnesses all of the changes and moments of our home. It also signifies the "never give up" spirit in...

    Big Buddha Socks

    Big Buddha, as known as, the Tian Tan Buddha is one of the iconic tourist attraction in Hong Kong and seat on top of the hill in the Lantau Island. The Big...

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