Alligator Socks

    HK$79.00 HK$69.00
    Do you know that alligators were once endangered due to over-hunting? We designed alligator socks because we want to demonstrate love to tropical animals. Luckily, alligator bounced back to survive...

    Bunny Socks

    HK$79.00 HK$69.00
    We designed our bunny socks with a special holiday theme easter eggs for making a fashionable socks for those who love Easters. With the combination of combined cotton, polyester and...

    Chicko Socks

    HK$79.00 HK$69.00
    Peep peep ! That's the sound of a new born baby chick. This innocent looking chicko fresh off its egg is too cute to be ignored! Wear this with your...

    Frenchie Bulldog Socks

    HK$79.00 HK$69.00
    This frenchie bulldog socks is the perfect fashionable socks for frenchie lovers. With combed cotton, polyester and nylon, you will feel the best quality socks which is designed in Hong...

    Koala Socks

    HK$79.00 HK$69.00
    Koala socks is the perfect icon for cute Australian animals! They are fluffy and adorable which resemble Playful Socks quality. In early 2020, the Australian bushfire threaten the livelihood of...

    Party Parrot Socks

    HK$79.00 HK$69.00
    Join the parrot party with Playful parrot fashionable socks. Our parrots fly all over our colorful socks which give this unique splash of color. This is a special gift for...

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