80s Day Time Party Socks

    Doodles with circle, Triangle, Sigma, Rectangle … what else can you find in this socks ?

    80s Night Life Socks

    Simple doodles with math signs patterns partying together 🎉 

    80s Pink Lighting Socks

    Looking for a hot looking and sexy socks? Look no further for our Pink Lighting which we designed with hot pink background for the retro feeling. 

    80s Polka Dots Socks

    In our 80s series, we contrast the pink colour pokka dots with a retro yellow background colour to make up this unique patterns.

    Alligator Socks

    Do you know that alligators were once endangered due to over-hunting? We designed alligator socks because we want to demonstrate love to tropical animals. Luckily, alligator bounced back to survive...

    Apple/Pearl Socks

    For an HSBC annual report cover, the apple and pearl was designed to put together a direct comparison between western and chinese culture. These socks draw a direct comparison between...

    Ban the Tie!

    This design was created to challenge the common dress code requirement for men to wear ties when attending the opera or a concert. Especially in Asia, where air conditioning was...

    Beachy Flamingo Socks

    Do you know what is the best way to impersonate a Flamingo? Yup - just lift one foot and keep your posture. Even better, put on this flamingo socks with a...

    Big Buddha Socks

    Big Buddha, as known as, the Tian Tan Buddha is one of the iconic tourist attraction in Hong Kong and seat on top of the hill in the Lantau Island. The Big...

    Bubble Waffle Socks

    What is "Bubble" x "Waffle" ? Yup, you named it, Bubble Waffle! The way it is being made is by pouring some golden egg batter to the waffle mold and...

    Bunny Socks

    We designed our bunny socks with a special holiday theme easter eggs for making a fashionable socks for those who love Easters. With the combination of combined cotton, polyester and...

    Chicko Socks

    Peep peep ! That's the sound of a new born baby chick. This innocent looking chicko fresh off its egg is too cute to be ignored! Wear this with your...

    Chinese Zodiac Socks

    G.O.D. Series - Chinese Zodiac Socks There are 12 Chinese zodiac signs, in the following order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Each sign...

    Christmas Tree Socks

    O Christmas tree 🎄~ O Christmas tree🎄 ~ How lovely are thy branches!  It is the most wonderful time in the year as the Christmas Holiday is just around the corner! Playful...

    Circus Elephant Socks

    One, Two, Three ... ! All audiences hold their breathe whiling watch the main character in the circus to show off its elegant balance on the ball. These performers train extremely hard to leave us a...

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