Beachy Flamingo Socks

    Do you know what is the best way to impersonate a Flamingo? Yup - just lift one foot and keep your posture. Even better, put on this flamingo socks with a...

    Bubble Waffle Socks

    What is "Bubble" x "Waffle" ? Yup, you named it, Bubble Waffle! The way it is being made is by pouring some golden egg batter to the waffle mold and...

    Circus Elephant Socks

    One, Two, Three ... ! All audiences hold their breathe whiling watch the main character in the circus to show off its elegant balance on the ball. These performers train extremely hard to leave us a...

    Dim Sum Socks

    What is that wonderful smell? It must be from the freshly baked egg tart just out of the oven! Our obsession over this tasty local snack motivates us to capture its...

    French Toast Socks

    Limited Edition Design: Cha Siu Papers x Playful Socks: French Toast Socks This French Toast socks is inspired through the design collaboration with Cha Siu Paper, a local handmade greeting cards brand (see here).  Hong...

    Hot Air Balloon Socks

    Let your dream fly as high as a hot air balloon. Some says the sky is the limit, but we truly believe that there should be no limit at all. Trust...

    Popcorn Socks

    This socks design is dedicated to one of our favorite snacks when watching a circus show. Nothing can beat this buttery smell and chewy texture. Oh wait! Perhaps adding flavors to it would just...

    Watermelon Socks

    Watermelon is a good fruit. You eat, you drink, you wash your face. We found that the best way to enjoy watermelon is to cut it in half and scope...

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