New/Old Socks
New/Old Socks
New/Old Socks
New/Old Socks
New/Old Socks

New/Old Socks

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The New Old socks presents a playful experiment in exploring the contrast between the "new" and the "old." It cleverly splits the Chinese character "" (meaning "new") in half, with one side rendered in a modern typographic style and the other half depicted in traditional Chinese calligraphy as the character "" (meaning "old"). This visual juxtaposition creates an intriguing narrative about the coexistence of the contemporary and the vintage. 

Length Guide

    Washing Tips:
  • Wash with neutral detergent in water (~30 ⁰C / 86 ⁰F or less) and do not use bleach.
  • Flip over the socks when washing, you can keep the softness and have less fluff for a longer time.
  • When ironing, the nylon / spandex may deform and the color of the socks may change, so please dry naturally.
  • Socks made of special yarns such as thick winter socks, wool socks, and pearl socks are highly recommended for hand washing.

  • Content:
  • 78% Cotton, 19% Polyester, and 3% Nylon / Spandex
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