YRMS X Hong Kong local socks brand Playful

YRMS X Hong Kong local socks brand Playful

“Your Rhythm, My Soul”是 Jonathan (王梓軒) 於2019所創立的品牌 — 理念是將梓軒喜愛的品牌結合粉絲的創意,造就各種新穎限量聯乘產品。2020年,“Playful Socks” 憑著品牌俏⽪及充滿活⼒的個性與“Your Rhythm, My Soul” 合辦“PlayfulJon”公開網上襪⼦設計比賽,讓我們的襪⼦也能注射著⾳樂的靈魂。

“Your Rhythm, My Soul” is Jonathan Wong’s collaboration line, which combines brands he loves with his fans’ creativity to produce unique, limited edition products for the world to consume. In 2020, “Playful” lent its fun and energetic vibes to “Your Rhythm, My Soul”, creating the“PlayfulJon” online sock design competition, injecting some musical soul into our beloved products.


“Playful Jon”的誕生! The arrival of “PlayfulJon”!

“PlayfulJon”比賽邀請參加者以Jonathan的⾳樂為題材創作⾃家襪⼦設計。比賽透過Instagram 收集設計,並進⾏投票;最⾼票數的三個作品以及Jonathan最喜歡的⼀款最終獲製成“ PlayfulJon”限量系列襪⼦!

The “PlayfulJon” competition invited participants to create original sock designs inspired by Jonathan’s music. The three designs with the most votes on Instagram, along with Jonathan’s personal pick, were then made into the limited edition “PlayfulJon” series socks in this very box!

Jonathan Wong and Brian Ching

 “Playful Jon”拉近距 / Connecting through “PlayfulJon”

Jonathan 設立“PlayfulJon”比賽的原意是希望在疫情當中, 可以透過該活動與世界各地粉絲聯系及互動 。 而事實上, Jonnathan 確實透過活動中有更加了解到粉絲, 並藉著粉絲的作品得知自己的音樂怎樣引發他們的構思 。 同一首作品, 卻能夠帶來不一樣的設計 。

The reason for Jonathan to come up with the “PlayfulJon” design competition idea, was to reconnect with his fans from all around the world under the COVID situation. It turns out, Jonathan did in fact learned a lot about his fans; and also through their designs, he was able to see how his music was able to inspire them. Even though some participants used the same song, their designs were very different and have their own unique styles.  

YRMS x Playful

These socks are now available for sales. Please check them out!

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