Rooster Socks
Rooster Socks
Rooster Socks
Rooster Socks

Rooster Socks

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Inspired by the infamous Rooster bowls, we designed the rooster socks to pay tribute to this culturally rich designs.

Back in the days, the rooster bowls are were known for their above-average quality and act as an affordable alternative for those who could not afford the bowls of the upper class. 

They were first made by the Hakka community around the Guangdong Province over a hundred years ago. Some people say that "rooster" represents "family" in Hakka while the peonies painted on the bowl refers to a common Chinese saying – “花開富貴” which means the flowers blossom with richness or prosperity.

    Washing Tips:
  • Wash with neutral detergent in water (~30 ⁰C / 86 ⁰F or less) and do not use bleach.
  • Flip over the socks when washing, you can keep the softness and have less fluff for a longer time.
  • When ironing, the nylon / spandex may deform and the color of the socks may change, so please dry naturally.
  • Socks made of special yarns such as thick winter socks, wool socks, and pearl socks are highly recommended for hand washing.

  • Content:
  • 78% Cotton, 19% Polyester, and 3% Nylon / Spandex
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