Hot Air Balloon Socks

    Let your dream fly as high as a hot air balloon. Some says the sky is the limit, but we truly believe that there should be no limit at all. Trust...

    Icy Summer Treat Socks

    The best part of summer is not the hot temperature, it is about enjoying ice cream, pops and forzen popsicle! I am sure this design will always remind you to stay hydrated...

    Koala Socks

    Koala socks is the perfect icon for cute Australian animals! They are fluffy and adorable which resemble Playful Socks quality. In early 2020, the Australian bushfire threaten the livelihood of...

    Lucky Cat Socks

    G.O.D. Series - Lucky Cat Whichever stores you visit in Hong Kong, you will find a lucky cat sitting beside the cashier waiving their hands at customers. We think that the lucky cat...

    Milk Tea Socks

    One of the go-to drink when travelling in Hong Kong. The authentic milk tea is usually made with "pantyhose" through multiple rounds of pouring. The milk tea will then have a final touch of...

    Party Parrot Socks

    Join the parrot party with Playful parrot fashionable socks. Our parrots fly all over our colorful socks which give this unique splash of color. This is a special gift for...

    Pineapple Socks

    When you think of socks, think Playful Socks. When you think of juicy, fun, barbecue, party, smoothie, think Pineapple! To make things simpler, just grab yourself a pair of pineapple socks to achieve all...

    Popcorn Socks

    This socks design is dedicated to one of our favorite snacks when watching a circus show. Nothing can beat this buttery smell and chewy texture. Oh wait! Perhaps adding flavors to it would just...

    Red Mosaic Socks

    G.O.D. Series - Red Mosaic Socks If you pay attention the next time you visit a Hong Kong cafe, you would notice that their floor tiles are always scattered with...

    Taxis Socks

    G.O.D. Series - Taxis Socks Do you know that there are three different colours of taxis in Hong Kong? The green one operates in the New Territories, Red one in Kowloon,...

    Watermelon Socks

    Watermelon is a good fruit. You eat, you drink, you wash your face. We found that the best way to enjoy watermelon is to cut it in half and scope...

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